Friday, 3 March 2017

Life and achievement of Henry N Portner, USPTO

HenryN Portner, USPTO is a renowned attorney who has earned his respectable position in the society by means of his extreme efficiency in his field. Though presently he is working in Florida, yet his credibility is not restricted to that place only. He has a law firm to his name and is associated to other firms and offices. In Attorney Advocates of America, he is Managing Partner and in Equine Legal Resources, a law firm, he is the Partner in Charge. 

He began his life as a general counsel but by means of his talent and intelligence, he is presently a private practitioner.


From Temple University, Henry N Portner, USPTO took his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (Major) and Accounting/Business (Minor). After these, he chose law as a career and from Temple University School of Law in Taxation earned J.D. (Juris Doctor) and L.L.M (Masters of Law) degrees. These educational qualifications helped him a lot to gain all the knowledge he has but his continuous practice helped him hone his skills even better.
His Forte

HenryN Portner, USPTO has 25 years of experience beside his name and in this huge span of time, he has encountered variety of cases related to ERISA, Environmental Law, being sued by Governmental Agencies. But his credit lies in handling bankruptcy, foreclosure, real estate, U.C.C. disputes, products liability, contract breach, personal & commercial injury etc. cases.


He visits four courts of United States (Supreme Court, Tax, Appeals and District) and represents his clients. He also has license to six state courts- South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

He has distributed his knowledge by helping and giving lectures to budding lawyers i.e. he teaches. Thus, Henry N Portner, USPTO is undoubtedly a cherished and noteworthy name.

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